cropA large portion of the population and infrastructure in Mexico is exposed to high seismic hazard. While seismic design codes were revised after the devastating 1985 Michoacan earthquake, existing buildings and bridges (pre-1985) were designed to standards that included limited seismic provisions and recommended inadequate design loads. Many of these structures were also built using substandard materials and poor construction practices. Recent earthquakes (Guerrero 2012, Chiapas 2014) have highlighted the poor seismic performance of existing buildings and structures in Mexico and illustrated the urgent need to assess their vulnerability and develop reliable and sustainable strengthening solutions. The workshop will bring together world-leading researchers and relevant stakeholders to discuss advanced seismic risk assessment methodologies, design provisions, optimal strengthening strategies and technologies, funding opportunities and establish research priorities and future requirements.

The proceedings of the workshop will contribute to developing a comprehensive picture of the current state-of-the-art on seismic risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Selected papers will be invited for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Earthquake and Impact Engineering (ISSN: 2397-9380). Please be aware that only selected papers will appear in such issue, and that an extended and revised versions will be required to follow peer-review process.

The rest of the scientific contributions (papers & posters) will be disseminated through the workshop website using an Open Access policy.



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