Workshop Proceedings

The Workshop was officially opened by Dr. Salvador Jara Guerrero, the Sub-Secretary of Higher Education of the Federal Secretariat of Public Education, following welcome addresses by Dr. Fabio Sistos Rangel (Sindico of the Morelia Municipality), Dr. Salvador García Espinosa (General Secretary of the Michoacan University), Master of Management Yarabí Ávila González (Congresswoman from Michoacan state), Master of Management Wilfrido Martínez Molina (Director of the Civil Engineering School), and the workshop coordinators Dr. Maurizio Guadagnini and Dr. José Manuel Jara Guerrero.

Seismic Hazard in Mexico

Afthershock Seismic Assessment taking into account Residual Displacements
Dr Jorge Ruiz-García
Seismic vulnerability on Mexican school buildings due to the evolution of the Mexican Building code
Dr Niño Mauro
Incremental Dynamic Analysis and Uncertainty Influence in Three-dimensional Reinforced Concrete Buildings with random properties
Dr José Guadalupe Rangel Ramírez
The importance of seismic intensity parameters selection for artificial accelerogram creation used in structural vulnerability determination
Dr Nanos Nikos
Multi-hazard in Mexican bridges
Dr Bertha Alejandra Olmos Navarrete

Seismic Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies

Rapid seismic risk assessment framework for developing countries
Prof Kypros Pilakoutas, The University of Sheffield, UK
Challenges and opportunities of post-earthquake housing and community reconstruction in developing countries – use post Wenchuan Earthquake management as an example
Dr Yung-Fang Chen
Protecting cities from earthquakes through the Vibrating Barrier: Numerical and Experimental investigations
Dr Tombari Alessandro
Seismic regionalization of the state of Michoacan
Dr Ricardo Vázquez Rosas
Vulnerability Reduction in Chiapas from generating knowledge and dissemination strategies
Dr Raúl González Herrera

Design of Seismic Resistant Structures

New trends in seismic design: Performance-Based Design
Dr Iman Hajirasouliha, The University of Sheffield, UK
Application of approximate procedures of assessment and seismic design to irregular structures
Dr Marco Antonio Escamilla
Proposal index to avoid shear failure in RC columns, research carried out from study of a large RC column database
Dr Juan Pablo Hidalgo Toxqui
Displacement-based seismic design of frame structures
Dr Saúl López
Procedure of seismic performance evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings
Dr Mabel Mendoza Pérez
Influence of Masonry Panels in the First Floor on the Reliability Functions of Multi-Storey RC Frames
Dr Roberto Pérez-Martínez
Recent developments on seismic design codes in North America
Prof Gustavo Ayala Milian, Instituto de Ingenieria-UNAM, Mexico
Seismic Fragility of Industrial Precast Buildings in Europe
Dr Ercolino Marianna
Experimental Study on Highly Deformable Coupling Beams
Dr David Escolano Margarit
Dynamic characteristics of rubber-sand mixtures as an alternative for seismic hazard reduction technique for existing structures
Dr Marina Miranda
Seismic behaviour of sustainable housing solutions for developing countries
Dr Christian Málaga-Chuquitaype

Seismic Strengthening and Rehabilitation Techniques

Innovative Seismic Strengthening Techniques
Dr Maurizio Guadagnini, The University of Sheffield, UK
Progress in Understanding Debonding in FRP Strengthened RC Elements
Dr Andreea Serbescu
FRP-confined rubberised concrete for high-deformable elements
Dr Reyes García López
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Historical Masonry Structures and Innovative Retrofitting Techniques
Dr Adolfo Preciado
Structural upgrade of unreinforced masonry structures using Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)
Dr Andreas Lampropoulos
Strengthening techniques for bridges: state of the art
Dr Jose Manuel Jara Guerrero, UMSNH, Mexico
Multi-criteria structural automated design: architectural, dynamic and static loading for generating resilient lightweight structural systems
Dr Nayar Gutierrez
Resilient Infrastructure-the role of protection, maintenance and rehabilitation
Dr Rahman Mujib
Shape and size optimization to improve the behaviour under vibration and enhance earthquake response of shell structures
Dr Shadi Ostovari Dailamani

Structural Health Monitoring

Seismic Vulnerability of Mexican Historical Buildings
Dr. Guillermo Martínez Ruiz
Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring using Distributed Optical Fibre Sensor System
Mr Lalam Nageswara
Acoustic Emission for In-situ Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Case Study
Dr Matteo Di Benedetti
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment in School Buildings using Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr Eduardo Ismael-Hernández
Experimental studies on confined masonry structures
Dr Joel Moreno-Herrera